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  • Must I be at home when maids clean my house?

    Not necessary. However, we encourage you be there to meet your maid for the first visit to show them your home and pass on the house key for future visits. It is also helpful to point out where all the equipment and supplies are kept and providing a list of your priorities (these may vary from visit to visit). The priorities list can be used by a substitute in the event your regular maid is ill. Your maid will do just about anything they can to help you.

  • How many maids will clean my house?

    We work as a single person in most cases or in teams of two people depending on the size of your home and hours scheduled.

  • Do I need to provide my own cleaning products?

    Yes, we recommend you choose to use your own products and equipment because of allergic or other hygiene/health reasons. Let us know if you require us to provide the cleaning products upon request with extra supply charges.

  • What are your charges?

    We have a minimum of 4 hours per service. For a free quote based on your household, please contact us.

  • How are the housekeepers employed/screened?

    All of our staff undergo security checks before hiring, including Police Check.

  • Who do I contact when I have an issue with the housekeeper?

    You will have a single designated representative who will handle all your housekeeping management.

  • Do you work on Public Holidays?

    We do not work on Public holidays. Your housekeepers, like any of us, have families and we believe Public holidays are to be enjoyed by all.

  • Does the company have a referral policy?

    If you recommend to a friend and they sign on for a regular service you will be credited a free 4 hour service.

  • How will the relationship work?

    Communication is important for any relationship! We understand we must earn your trust during every visit, and that's why we're so flexible, offering customised cleaning service plans designed with your needs in mind. No contracts. No hassle. Establishing this open communication and being flexible ensures we can meet and exceed your expectations, and provide you satisfaction as a long-term customer.

  • How does the housekeeper know what is to be done?

    A job list specific to your home will be created and be subject to ongoing review.

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